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Baby Floor Seat Learn to Sit Cute Plush Baby Learning Sitting Chair for Infants Toddler

Products NO BJH-22061
Specs 60*48cm
Material Polyester Fabric
Design Blue/Pink/Orange
Pcs / CTN 4
Package Size 75*75*42cm
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Details of Products

360° surround design, more reassuring than adults holding and sitting


Based on the spinal structure design, guide the baby to learn to sit correctly

O1CN01SHPJjS1Ke9KsO2bt7_!!3346631188-0-cib (1).jpg

Enlarged and widened design, suitable for use by both fat and thin babies, extending the usage cycle


Low center of gravity integrated design, stable and anti rollover

Provide independent play space for babies


Learning to sit on a sofa to accompany our baby's growth


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