Hebei Baijiahe E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
The Professional factory of Baby Care Products since 2007, Such as baby’s Cot, Toddler’s Bed, Infant mosquito net, etc.
We warmly welcome customers and cooperators from the world..

   6    Series Babycare Products   _ Give baby the same loving care as a mother

                 Baby Mosquito Net   _ Upgrade design, super mosquito proof, extremely convenient

                 Baby Bed   _ Designed to fit the baby's body,   Let our baby sleep well

                 Baby Sofa   _ Guide the baby to learn to sit correctly, Care for baby's young spine

                 Baby Pillow   _ Improve Baby's sleeping postion, let baby healthier

                 Other Baby Care Products   _ Everthing is for the healthy growth of our baby

                 OEM / ODM Customized   _ Meet the personalized needs of our baby

   16      years of focus Baby Care Productrs   __   since 2007

                            Becuse focus, so professional.

                             _ Unique needs around the world

                            _ R&D

                            _ Free Samples

                            _ Impove the style, materials, graphics, colors, functions, etc

                            _ Production and processing

                            _ Inspection (Material + Design + Processing + Finished product + Pre-delivery)

                            _ After-sales

   57     Markets around the world   _ Many rave reviews

                         Europe   _ Italy, Germany, Russia, Poland ...

                         Asia   _ Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India ...

                         North America   _ America, Canada ...

                         Laitin Amercia   _ Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina ...

                         Arab Region   _ UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan ...

                         ... ...

   100%      Quality   Assurance   __   Top-quality, Trustworthy

                                              Quality comes from the details

                                              Quality comes from the process management

                                              Quality come from the 10+ years of experience

                                              Quality come from the good material

                                              Quality come from the 100% inspection

                                              Quality come from the best after-sales

   3     R&D   center   _ Keeping offer new babycare products + OEM Customized

                    HK center   _

                    Shanghai center   _

                    Ningbo center   _

  • Tailor
  • Package or Customized
  • High-Quality Assurance : CE, EN71, CPC, GSS, SGS, etc.
  • 50+ Markets
  • Timely Delivery
  • Faster + Professional After-sales
About us
Professional factory since 2007
Hebei Baijiahe E-commerce Co., Ltd.
is a professional manufacturer of Baby Care Products, Such as  baby’s Cot, Toddler’s Bed, Infant mosquito net, etc.

We have our own R&D department, keeping offer new baby care products to our unique baby around the world.

And OEM/ODM customized to meet the personalized needs of our baby.

With professional equipment and Quality inspection system, ensure to provide customers with quality products.

Global buyer, Many rave reviews:

Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Russia.
North Amercian: USA, Canada.
South Amercian: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, etc.
Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.
Africa: Egypt, South Africa, etc.

We are located in Hebei Province, near Beijing airport and Tianjin seaport, to ensure that we can provide timely delivery for customers.

The company adheres to “Give our baby the same loving care as a mother”, let good products share with the world and coexist harmoniously with nature.

We warmly welcome customers and cooperators from the world.


Ruihua Wang (G. Manager) Hebei Baijiahe _ Babycare Manufactuing Expert

Email: baijiahe.sales1@gmail.com



Whatsapp / Wechat: 18832906666, 18431971688, 18203191688


Give our baby the same loving care as a mother
Top-quality, Trustworthy
Thanks for your sincere feedback and information, this is the beginning of our cooperation, hope we have a better future.


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